Apple WWDC 2020 :: Privacy & Homekit

  • Approximate location: Want an app to know roughly where you are, but not exactly? You can now grant an app access to your approximate location, rather than the pinpoint-precise spot.
  • Mic/Camera indicator: While perhaps not as good as a dedicated hardware light, iOS will now show an on-screen indicator when an app is accessing your microphone or camera.
  • Simplified privacy polices: App developers will now have to provide a simplified “highlights” of what user data they track and/or share with third parties. These summaries will now show up prior to download in the iOS/macOS app stores.


  • Adaptive lighting: Homekit can now automatically adjust the brightness/temperature of your connected smart bulbs throughout the day, allowing for things like cooler lights during work hours and warmer temperatures when it’s time to wind down.
  • Face recognition: Homekit-enabled doorbell cameras can now recognize known faces, and let you know who’s at the door via Homepod/AppleTV notifications.
  • Activity Zones: If you’ve got a security camera setup through HomeKit, you can now limit alerts to just specific sections of the video stream — motion alerts only when something enters your yard, for example, and not every time a car drives by on the street just barely in frame.

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