Apple WWDC 2020 :: MacOS Big Sur

The next build of macOS will be called “Big Sur”, and will include some tweaks that’ll make it look and feel a bit more like iOS (like rounded square icons across the built-in App suite.)

  • Control center: Borrowing an idea from iOS, macOS will now have a dropdown in the upper right area of the screen that provides one-click access to display brightness, volume, dark mode, WiFi controls and more.
  • Notification Center: Notification Center has been cleaned up, bringing notifications/widgets into one unified view while making it easier to clear out lots of notifications at once.
  • New maps: Maps on macOS has been redesigned with support for things like in-door maps, guides, favorite locations, etc.
  • Safari: Safari can now monitor your saved passwords to look for those that might’ve been exposed in breaches. A “Privacy Report” button, meanwhile, breaks down what’s known about what data is being tracked by the site you’re currently on.
  • Overhauled extensions: Safari’s long antiquated extensions system is getting a refresh, with a focus on conveying/limiting what data extension developers can access. If an extension requests the ability to do something like access browsing history, it can be granted for a limited period of time, only on a specific site, or across all sites.

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