Apple WWDC 2020 :: Apple Watch

  • Face Sharing: Got your Apple Watch setup in a way you love? You can share your current watch face setup with others through Messages, Mail, or Safari. If the person on the receiving end doesn’t have a required app/complication, they’ll be shown where to get it. 
  • Multiple complications per app: Each app on watchOS can now offer up multiple different watch face complications, instead of just one per app.
  • Cycling directions
  • Sleep tracking: Watch can now automatically detect when you’re sleeping, recording this data and helping you track your sleep schedule over time.
  • Handwashing detection: Relevant! The Apple Watch can detect when you’re washing your hands, using the accelerometer to look for the relevant motions and the microphone to listen for the sounds of scrubbing. When it detects you’re scrubbing away, it can automatically start a countdown timer to help ensure you’ve done the full twenty seconds.

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