Ruby :: Hash#dig

Ever wondered if there is a better way how you can traverse through multi-layer hashes or arrays to retrieve a specific value? Luckily Ruby 2.3 introduced a new method called dig.

  catalogue = {
    drinks: {
      apple_juice: {
        stock: 8,
        price_per_unit: 2.4
      orange_juice: {
        stock: 4,
        price_per_unit: 2.2

Given the above hash, we would access the price per unit of the orange juice by the below line.

  => NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

To mitigate Rails to throw an error we need to check the existence of each key while navigating through the hash structure.

  catalogue[:drinks] && catalogue[:drinks][:carrot_juice] && catalogue[:drinks][:carrot_juice][:price_per_unit]

By using dig we follow DRY and retrieve the value of each key object by dealing smoothly with nil values.

  catalogue.dig(:drinks, :carrot_juice, :price_per_unit)
  => nil
  catalogue.dig(:drinks, :apple_juice, :price_per_unit)
  => 2.4
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