Laravel 5.8.16 Adds New Migration Events

The Laravel team released Laravel v5.8.16 yesterday with new migration events and adds the Renderable contract to the MailMessage class.

First, migration event classes were added to the framework under the Illuminate\Database\Events namespace:

  • MigrationEnded
  • MigrationsEnded
  • MigrationStarted
  • MigrationsStarted

Next, the ability to drop enum types when running migrate:fresh command was added for Postgres. See Pull Request #28382 for more details on this feature.

The Renderable contact was added to the MailMessage class allowing easier previewing of mail notifications in the browser. In a controller you can do the following:

return (new FooNotification())->toMail('');

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the whole diff between 5.8.15 and 5.8.16 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 5.8 are available in the GitHub 5.8 changelog.

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