Jquery – Use Firebug’s excellent console logging facilities

If you haven’t already installed Firebug then you really should. Aside from many other useful features such as allowing you to inspect http traffic and find problems with your CSS it has excellent logging commands that allow you to easily debug your scripts.

My favourite features are “console.info”, which you can use to just dump messages and variables to the screen without having to use alert boxes and “console.time” which allows you to easily set up a timer to wrap a bunch of code and see how long it takes. They’re all really easy to use too…

for (i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
    var myList = $('.myList');
    myList.append('This is list item ' + i);

console.timeEnd('create list');

In this instance I’ve deliberately written some very inefficient code! In the next few tips I’ll show you how we can use the timer to show some improvements which can be made.

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