Programming – Tips for creating good code every day

Being a good developer is like being any other good professional, it’s all it’s about doing as much quality work as possible.  “Do it. Do it right. Do it right now”.

Have your own to do list for the day.
The best approach to complete complex activities is to break them down into simple activities.  This will help you to:

– Have a better understanding of the activity.
– Have a focused goal for the day
– Improve your estimating skills.

Do one thing at a time.
Work in short batches of intense work of about 25 minutes with a 5-10 minutes rest.

Do it right.
To be proud of the solution; it is not just any solution, it is a good solution. It follows the principles of the “Pyramid of the software quality“.
The solution passes at least one review. Ask one of your colleagues that you respect as a good developer to review your solution and for his sincere opinion.
Don’t finish something until it’s completely done.
Something is only done when you are 100% sure that it won’t be necessary to work at all on that solution unless the requirements change.

Better late than sorry BUT better sorry than never.
Make sure to document it as future risk for the project and something that will probably need to be revisited.

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